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Case Study: 65-year-old obese man w/hx of diabetes presents w/high LDL and aversion to medication

History of present illness: A 65-year-old Caucasian man presents for routine annual check-up. He is obese and has type 2 diabetes. Blood work detected LDL levels of 115 mg/dl. He reports that he goes for a long evening walk with his wife around the neighborhood each day, and that he tries to eat healthy although he has a "sweet tooth." He reports an aversion to taking medication, and that he often forgets to take his metformin. 

Social history: Patient denies tobacco use. He denies alcohol and illicit drug use. He is married and lives with his wife. He is retired. He has no pets.

Allergies: None.

Past medical history: Type 2 diabetes.

Medications: Metformin. 

1. What additional tests would you request on this patient? 

2. What will you prescribe? How will you handle the patient's reluctance to adhere to taking his medication?

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