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69-year-old male presents with muscle aches

History of present illness: A 69-year-old patient presents for check-up and complains of aches in his limbs, like he has sore muscles from exercising too much. He reports no changes in his activity levels, which include going for a routine four-mile walk each day. He has tried taking Tylenol as well as Dololed to assist with these aches and has found no relief. The aches have lasted for over two months now. He reports no recent changes in diet, although six months ago he went on a more aggressive healthy eating regimen - full of vegetables and fruits - to help him lose weight and keep it off.

Social history: Patient denies tobacco and ilicit drug use. Patient drinks 3-5 glasses of wine per week. He lives with his wife. He is a retired filmmaker. He has no pets.

Medication: Lipitor. Vitamin D (800 IU) daily.

Allergies: Grass. 

Past medical history: Hyperlipidemia. 

1. What tests would you run, if any?

2. How would you treat this patient?